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TOP Baby Bouncers – suitable also for newborns

My baby is all the time on my hands, I can’t even have a coffee or breakfast, I don’t want to put him on floor for so long time (all true, from 3 month it is the best place to put your baby – on floor, let him develop by himself).

It is so popular to use baby bouncer in our days and I don’t know any parents who didn’t try to use it, and only some babies, which didn’t like to use it. But here comes very important thing – they must be safe, especially if you plan to use it from very beginning.

 Did we use baby bouncer?

Yes we did. As I wanted to have free arms, to drink coffee easily, I wanted to take a shower without stress, I wanted to sign papers, or pay bills while my baby is awake and in safe place.

When my first baby was born, it was already popular to use baby bouncer. I didn’t want to follow to popular, but Robert spent quite long time awake, and I needed to find out how to make him fun. In Kitchen, during my meals, or when I cooked, I wanted to have him next to me, and that’s why I decided, that I need baby bouncer.

I read a lot about those not very healthy bouncers-swings, which are not right for newborns, and I didn’t want to do something bad to my boy, but then I found out Mother Care baby bouncer where baby just lay in, and that’s it. I was skeptic, but lady sold it for very good price (I bought it used) and I gave a change to it.

I used it first time when Robert was 2 months old, while have quick breakfast. He liked it very much. So we started to use it for about 15-20 min during our meal time. Sometimes, he could sit there also longer. For 30-40 min, but I didn’t let him to fall asleep in that. I moved him into bed or stroller.

In age of 1 month I tried to put my second one boy there as well, but he became bored quite fast and didn’t accept that one anymore (we used it for some month only). Yes, he could stay there for some little time, but not for a long time (5-10 minutes, not more).

So, I will share with you all information I can about those I used, and can share my experience. I chose each of them very carefully, checked reviews, tried in shop and also spoke with my friends who had them.

Actually, we had also swings (some kind of “no brand” production), they were given by our friends, and somehow Timur didn’t like them, and I didn’t think they are safe for my baby back.

So Below you will find review of Baby bouncers, which I personally tried and used. And they are in my house not by mistake.


Mother Care bouncing cradle.

Recommended age: from 0+ till age of 2 years (I used for my first son from 2 months till 8,5 month, when he started to not like it, and again in age of 1,9years he started to like sit there again)

Material: carcass is made from metal, bouncer itself is made from cotton, it is easily removed and can be washed.

Features: its back is not changeable, baby is in lying position, comes with two-speed vibration (I didn’t use it for any of my boys, as I think that it can’t be safe for baby).

Portable: Folds flat, which is perfect for storage and also travel, it is light and easy taken with.

Safety: it comes with 3point harness

Accessories – comes with toy bar, which can be removed. We never used it, and then lost it. The Oldest one didn’t need it as liked to play with small toys or look books in older age, but in age of 2-4 month he was just lying in and looked on wall or me.

I really like it as I was sure, that it can’t make anything bad to my babies back, as it is static, baby is on lying position and vibration I didn’t use. It was perfect helper, while I was in kitchen (I put it on table, next to myself). Also, price for this one is quite nice. I bought used one, but new one price is about 70-80 EUR. Unfortunately I didn’t find it in any store, that’s why I would consider, that you can’t buy it anymore. At lest not brand new.





Recommended age: from 0+ (it is safe to use till 25 kg using side-by-side moving, and till 60 kg fized)

Material: Certified Oeko-tex® fabric and GOTS certified organic insert fabric assures only the best touches baby, comes with one or two inserts (depends from model)

Features: it doesn’t have any batteries, no noise and other stuff, but it has gentle nudge from you starts a naturally calming, rhythmic side-to-side movement that lasts over two minutes (can be locked as well). You can buy separately also Leaf wind, which will move it.

Portable: here comes, that it is not very nice useful in travels, as you can take out leg from sit, but still it will need quite much space. And also it is heavy comparing with other bouncers. I never took it with me anywhere.

Additional accessories: toy bar, canopy, wind. All can be purchased separately.

Safety: it comes with 3 point harnesses.

Price: it is 160-190 $ (for UK/ for US) , but if you count that it can be used for long time, and looks just adorable, then it doesn’t seem so big anymore. For me, it seemed pretty OK.

I decided to buy it as I was expecting that when my youngest one will be sitting in MotherCare bouncer, my oldest one will be interested to use it as well, and I will offer him to use Nuna Leaf. And it was like that. Both were sitting in bouncers. I also wanted to have Nuna Leaf, as it looks perfect – it suits for each living room (doesn’t have baby colors, and design), and it can be used for long time, and even I can use it (with side-to side movement locked). In this bouncer I let my baby to fall a sleep for little naps during the day (but he didn’t sleep more than half an hour- 40 minutes on it). We used it from age of 1 month approximately (in the kitchen I had mother care baby bouncer, but on living room had Nuna Leaf)

What I really like in Nuna Leaf is its super cool design and that it can be used for long time – even now, my almost 3 years old son can lie in it to watch cartoon for instance, or look a book.

Baby Bjorn baby bouncer

Recommended Age: suitable for newborns (min weight 3,5 kg (8 lbs)) till 13 kg or up to 2 years

Material: The baby bouncer is available in three soft materials: soft cotton (100% cotton), snugly cotton/jersey and airy ( jersey fabric: 71% cotton, 24% viscose, 5% polyamide) and quick-drying mesh (100% polyester). They are free from harmful substances and approved according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products.

Features: it has 3 different positions, natural rocking for your baby developing naturally, The baby bouncer gives good support to your baby’s back, neck and head. The fitted fabric seat distributes your baby’s weight evenly, which is particularly important for very young babies. Again no batteries, no sounds and noise, no vibration, just naturally moved by you or your baby
Portable: The baby bouncer is easy to fold up and takes up very little space when folded, so it is perfect for traveling as well (we took our together with us for our family trips each time.)

Additional accessories: toy bar can be purchased separately. Nice and useful thing – toys are rounding, moving, made from wood, seems very organic and looks good. Our baby liked it very much

Safety: comes with restraint system, when your child can sit, you can turn fabric around and have it as a chair.

Price: it is not cheap but it is worth that money (for UK/ for US – now, I see super great price for it in Amazon. Don’t lost your chance to get it for £99 (129 $) only (old price £134 (199$)).

I bought Baby Bjorn bouncer after I visited my friend, who also had a baby and tried to put Timur.  Timur was so happy, he was laughing for first time, and immediate understood what to do. I used it more than other ones, and Timur liked this one the most and was ready to spend there longer time. Just, again I didn’t let him to sleep in it. I moved him immediately when saw that he becomes sleepy.

Some other baby bouncers

There are thousands of baby bouncers and swings found in the market. I can make a review only on those I used. But my friends also had for instance Bloom Coco Stylewood Modern Baby Lounger – which looks adorable, and seem so comfortable, even for adult one (meatier of size only).

4Moms MamaRoo – which is something from cosmos I would say, with their number of features, sounds, moves and so on. If you are from US, you can check it here. But I personally didn’t like them due their high price and also they both are quite heavy, not easy to move, and not portable. But very, very nice and definitely they are good ones.

If you have a lot of space, like how they look then you could pay attention to them as well.

Those which I didn’t want to see in my house are swings, where baby bag is not supported perfectly, those which are only till weight 8-9 kg (usage is very small) and also I am against all vibrations, lights and sounds for little ones as they can become addicted that is first, it is not good for their development, that is second (as I am for natural development, I don’t want to interact it with additional lights, sounds and even more I am afraid from vibration)


When you choose bouncer you will have (and I advise you to choose at least one for yourself, as it makes life with baby bit simpler and easier.

I can’t choose only one of those we had. But if I have to, then Baby Bjorn is number one, then Nuna leaf curl I would place on second place and Mother Care bouncer cradle as third.

Hope above information was useful. let me know your thoughts, your experience and meaning in comments.

If my information above helped you to choose, please do not hesitate use active links in this post to make your purchase. If you will decide to buy anything using links I mentioned, I will get small reward for that. It doesn’t cost you anything, but for me it will be a sign that things I am doing are useful and my blog helps someone! 



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