things what makes me happy

Things what make me feel happy

I am full time home stayed mum with two wonderful kids (2,9 and 1 year old), and I am pretty OK with that. Of course sometimes I am tired, I am nervous, because I can’t plan may day, it can vary significantly. I can’t do what I want, as I am responsible for two more little humans. But still there are a lot of things what make me feel happy.

I am sure, you also have a lot of things in your life, just you need to look from the side. Just think, what makes you feel good, what makes you feel happy.

Find things that will make you feel better

That I found out for myself already long time ago- it is necessary to find something to be happy, to feel better.

There is a technique which my ex boss shared with me, and I want to share it with you.

When you open your eyes in the morning, don’t stand up from bed before you think out three good things what make you feel better. For instance, today is sunny day, I feel myself so great this morning because I had enough to sleep, I will make a great deal today at my work and so on. You can use this technique during all situations and all day. THe point is to find 3 good things, when you feel bad, angry or sad.

On mums life it is the same. Simply start to become happy from little things which are part of your daily life – and I am sure, in your daily life are a lot of happy things and happy moments.

@ For instance, morning happiness for me is hot coffee and breakfast, and I am happy mum, as most of the times I am able to manage that happen.

@ Another my passion is to be able to write or learn new things while my boys are having a day nap. (Yes, I am not cleaning house on that time 😀 I use that time for myself)

@ One more thing what makes me feel great – when my husband is back home, I give him kids, and I am lost in kitchen (2 years ago I even didn’t cook), to prepare dinner, and I do not allow my husband to help on that anymore.

@ Also, if my hubby is able to let me go to the shower longer than regular, I am more than thankful.

@ During the weekends and in the evenings, he let me work on myself- I read, learn, write my blog as much I can, as these things, maybe are not get paid, even more, they all cost money, they make me feel better. – so we spend money on my happiness.

@ Sometimes on weekends I am able to sleep longer, and my hubby is taking care of kids,  this is special as usually I can’t sleep as much as I want.

@ Some mums are happy to go out for shopping, for meeting with friends, or just happy to have little walk alone – and this is what must be done. Mums’ need to have their own life, their own interests and not lose their self.

This is also is critical to be self-satisfied, to be mum-satisfied. Baby is happy, when mum is happy.



So, you are mum and you feel depressed and sad?

Here are some advises to you:

First Advice – do not put all energy 100% to your children, as you risk to start to put also all bad emotions to them. Find something that is interesting for you. What makes you feel good.

If you can’t find that –  keep looking. Make a research, try different things, but find out what will make you feel bit happier.

As soon I will be able, I will start to run in the evenings, when my husband will be back from work. I will check up- will it make me feel better. I decided it some time ago, but didn’t try jet. I don’t have time to go to gym, but I want to do something for my body.

Second Advice – find who can spend some time with your kids. In our case it is only my husband. Now when they are bigger we can leave them with granny (maybe…We didn’t try jet, as Timur- the youngest, is very much addicted to me. Oldest one was even spending 2 days with grandparents without problems), before, it was only me or my husband, as they didn’t know anyone else (none is able to help us as we live quite far from our parents)

Third Advice – plan some time regularly to make activity just for your own. Do it for your self. This will make you feel more important, and self-confident.

Why do you need time for yourself?

Because you are human, you are woman, you are beautiful woman, and you are wife. You need to feel some other roles in life, except to be just a good mum.

Even more, you will be just better mum, if you will be able to have rest and make something for yourself. With that I do not say give your kids to someone, and spend all time for your interest, your hobby or your work if it makes you happy. No, I speak about balance in life.

You need to see also direction, light in the tunnel, you need a goal in life, need to have those interests as it is simply natural. All people need to have something what makes them feel special, happy and important.

If money make you feel happy, make your hobby, bring money to you

It is not always like that, but still, it is great when your hobby, or thing what you love to do, could bring you additional or even full income.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” – this is famous saying of Confucius. Which is true, if you like what you do, it is not a painful work only because of money. It is lifestyle, it is something what fulls you, what makes you feel great.

If it is sport what makes you feel better, even with that you can earn some money – open a group or organize class and do trainings in good company (2in1).

IF you like to write, think to write your blog and maybe that could bring you money.

IF you like to draw, think, maybe this can bring you some money, as you can sell your paints, or you can teach other people paint.

I think you would be happier, if your hobby could bring you some additional money.


Don’t expect that someone will make you happy- find the ways to be happy by your self!

Try to find things what makes you happy in daily life. It doesn’t have to be big thing. Learn to be happy from little things. If there is nothing what makes your feel happy, if you lost any interest of all you have around, make a research, and find something new-to learn, to do, change your view on things.

In the World are so many things which we don’t know, but which are so adorable and interesting.

Hope that you found this article useful and interesting,

if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to come back to me


2 thoughts on “Things what make me feel happy”

  1. I am not a mom yet though I hope to be someday so this was a very insightful post. I think a lot of this can still be applied to us non-parents. I really like the technique of coming up with 3 positive things before getting out of bed to start your day on a better note.

    1. Debby,
      yes sure those things can be applied to non-parents as well. in general it is mindset – not wait to be happy, but find ways to be happy instead.
      good luck and glad that you liked.

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