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Stroller Hand Muffs – do you need them or not?

During winter and and when it is cold outside, during the long walk with baby we pack ourselves almost as a baby. This can be quite hard, as we will need to spend outside hour or more (I personally go for a walk at least once per day, exceptions are only when we are out of home, or when me or the baby is ill). That’s why arm muff for me is a very useful thing.

How to keep your arms warm, when you are spending long time outside?

Hot coffee or tea will definitely help keep your hands warm and it will prevent you from being cold. You can also clap your hands, but it will be hard, I guess, to clap and push the stroller at the same time 🙂

Before I had kids I even didn’t know that there are such things as arm warmers or arm muffs, which protect your arms from wind and cold.

It’s not just a nice accessory – it is something, which protects your arms.  Obviously you could have super warm gloves, and they will keep your arms warm, but arm muffs will just help you more, or you can stop using gloves (I do not do that in winter, but that is my choice in autumn and spring)


What is stroller arm muff?

You can find a lot of different kind of arm muffs or arm warmers which can be placed on your stroller handle (the place where your arms are).

You can buy knitted, crocheted, you can find water resistant, with fur inside,  or with wool inside. Separate for each arm or muff which is in one piece. They all can be used in different situations.

I prefer to have natural material and have them made water resistant outside and inside definitely would need to be a real sheep wool which warms arms. But it is not a must, you can find fleece or artificial fur, they will still look good and keep your arms warm.

Also, great things that is if you order them on internet or buy at a local shop, they are universal and will be compatible with almost all strollers. I use mine for 2 strollers (and it is easy to take it off also in shopping center, when I don’t need them).

Now, design and color of arm muff. Here again you can play, use your imagination when you order ones from hand maker. That is a beautiful accessory, which let you as a mother feel great and special, make yours special and unique style.

Many people will go for name brand ones (Lodger has great arm muffs, also Cybex, Boogaboo, Emaljunga. I would say that the stroller producers are also making arm warmers as an accessory; which is great then you are able to get one made exactly from the same material and color as your stroller).

I personally really like handmade ones. I have ordered it from a person locally and I am more than satisfied. What are advantages?

1) color is great ( and I would say unique)

2) she made it as I wished – we spoke about design and what to put inside

3) it is padded natural wool and that was important to me

4) I do like to support local marketers

5) price was competitive (I didn’t get them cheap, as you can go on eBay and order very cheap ones, but I know that, that one  I got is great quality)

I can’t find any disadvantages.

I ordered one arm muff from eBay. And I can’t say it is bad, and definitely price is four times less than those, which I have ordered from local hand maker, but it was not so warm and was much bigger, that’s why I decided to resell it.

Is arm muff really helping to keep arms warm?

Definitely yes! I started to use mine already in autumn, without gloves as I don’t like to wear them, and this helped me a lot. I like long walks and sometimes I spend outside 2-3 hours and my arms are always protected and warm.

Is arm muff something what is needed?

Well, all depends on your style. If you like walks with baby using stroller, and your walks are quite long, I will say, YES it is something you “must have”.

In case, you are not using a stroller or for instance baby is sleeping in garden or backyard and you are not walking with your little one – you could have them for “nice to have” reason, but this for sure is not the thing without which you won’t survive.


Necessary: 5 out of 10 (due to fact as not must have for all)

Using: 7 out of 10 (minus some points as depends from material not all arm muffs will keep your arms warm)

Looking: 8 from 10 (on some strollers won’t look good)

Hope you enjoyed and found this post useful


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