kids can help in kitchen

Spend quality time with Your child – let Your kids help you

Being home with kids, is fun, great and you would like it, but it may be monotone, stressful and combining with all homework which must be done, it could take huge amount of your energy and time, and as many people know, home staying mum is the same as work 2,5 shifts.
So, all day you spend with your kids – play with them, feed them, clean them, again play, go out, and in the evening start to do your homework, like cleaning, laundry, cooking, dishwashing and so on? Seems familiar?

What am I will say that all that work can be done as a play with your kids? OK, almost all.

do laundry together

What Are the benefits to let your kids help on home works?

Kids will be more than happy if you will ask them to help you,  if you give them some tasks. So, why is great to ask them to help you?

  • You can spend a great time together with your kids
  • It Develops their skills
  • Its great way to teach your kids to be helpful
  • It is the way to show your kids responsibility for things
  • it saves your time in the evening as all homework (or at least part of it) will be done during the day

Which home works could be done together with your kids?

Those which are safe, where you don’t use hard chemicals, and what your kids are able to make. Your kids won’t help you to pay bills, or clean toilet (where you could use chemicals). Nearly all other works can be done with kids.


I do not mean, that your kids must do all your housework, I mean that you can spend your time with kids with more value, you can turn the work into “great time together”, and in the same time you save your time, and can use it more for yourself. Remember, your kids do only what they want to do.

My nearly 3 years old love to help in the kitchen, and he is happy to do any task we ask it can be – cleaning, washing, food preparing, cooking, doing laundry – anything, and he is happy to do that.

kids can help in kitchen

Most of the times you even don’t need to ask- they will ask to let them help

Robert is cleaning floors, desks, he is helping to prepare a meal, he is helping with cleaning tables and other

Both of my sons love to make coffee for me (oldest one can make it almost independently) -> don’t forget to say thank you and show your happiness

Robert helps to push buttons on dishwasher and washing machine, and after take out dishes and laundry.

My Youngest one “assist” for vacumecleaning, “help” to take laundry out of washing machine, and put into the dryer.


How to interest your kids?

  • Enough if you simply just do usual homework, they like to see what you do, and like to repeat, they also feel important.
  • Turn it into a play. Your kids love to play, show them the game ” who will clean faster”, “cookies baking play”, “who will collect and put back more toys”. Make a home work as a play, as something fun, and spend time with your kids more effective.
  • Show your kids how important is to do those works – if they see that you make your homework and show them, it is important, they will feel the same about them. If they will see you doing them, your kids will copy you (this can be as a mirror for they often repeat your action very close to you- repeating even your face 😀 )kids helping with dishes

Is it easy to do all with your kids?

it can be as easy as hard as well, you need to be patient, as not all will go smooth and with kids all works could go slower, process of cooking can be dirtier, kids are not you, and all things could be done slower, but time you will spend with your kids and time will you save for evening is worth that.

Most probably your kid won’t really help or even will make all work much harder, but he will learn new things and with each time the same work will go faster and easier. Decide where your baby can help you in which works, and do with them only those, leaving the hardest ones for the evening.

I really enjoy seeing my kids working and they look happy to help me. Yes, more kids, more work to do, but it is another story.



When all games are boring, and you don’t know, what to do with your kids, turn usual things (or must do things) into play and effective way to spend your time. It can be fun, trust me! You will love it. and when you are done your cleaning and some other work together, you are free to go out with them without pressure feeling that at home are waiting for more dirty clothes, or you need to clean your house.

Let your kids help – as they not always will want to do that…



Hope, you find this article useful



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