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Smartest ways to save money is reduce expenses

Money has one function – it needs to be spent.

If you keep it, collect it, without goal it loses its value. Don’t try to keep it for yourself – it is the wrong way to use it; instead of that, you need to spend it, but not overspend-you need to work with it.  You should spend it “in a smart way”, and what you have left – you should save for something (set up a goal for that), not just simply keep it.

Money saving tips

My granny’s sister was so greedy, that she hardly spent any of the money she had. She liked to knit and that’s it!  When she died, her relatives crawled the whole house looking for her money (it’s just logical that she had hidden it somewhere), and didn’t find it.  My granny says that she most probably hid the money in the yarn balls she used to make. She actually didn’t knit so much, as she spent hours making those little yarn balls.  Her kids threw out them first! (as they all thought that that are just old lady things and won’t be useful to anybody)


drive your money-not let it drive you

It is already historically known that people do not know how to use money, a lot of people just live from

salary (pay check to pay check) and often even don’t try do anything with that. At school nobody taught us how to use money the proper way and we rarely heard anything like that from our family. Lots of people spend without any thinking and then cry that money is not enough.

Plan your budget


A small number of people are recording a budget, even less making their savings,  and even less thinkinghow to  save money (more than just not spend it (not buy new things, not pay bills and so on)), but it is possible to live with each certain amount of money and even save on it.

I will be lying if I said I am super smart on that and dealing with my money perfectly and have huge amount of savings.  NO, but I can say that I am working on that, and from a totally unhealthy situation with money (yes, I was living not just from pay check to pay check, but I received salary and closed my credit card, and started to spend it again constantly having minuses on my bank account), to healthy situation, even with the savings (my salary didn’t change, changed my habits).

How did I make that happen? in general- changed my way of thinking about money, about sales, about shopping and spending-> about that I will make a separate post.

What I want to share with you today- are smart, easy and general ways to save money in long term.

These are not usual tips, like to keep 1 % from each grocery visit, or put on your saving account 10 % from salary, or round tour balance every day, week, month and transfer that money for saving. All true, I like all of them as well 🙂


Easiest but not smartest way to save money is not spend it. But for that we would not have expenses or need to have someone, who is covering them. But let’s stop dream now 🙂

11 tips to save money smart

    1. Visit your dentist. You could think: “hmm, but if nothing hurts, will go and just waste my time – going on yearly check ups, will save money as dentist will be able to recognize the problems at an early stage, when it costs much less than serious problem solving, or even more, by going to a check up, your dentist will put on teeth protection which will help to protect them longer and problems won’t appear at all.
    2. Check up your car mechanical situation- the same as with dentist- small issues cost less than serious repairs
    3. Pay some stuff yearly not monthly – this can help save huge money on yearly basis (yearly plan your spend and you will be happypayment usually is much more competitive (for yearly for TV channel providers and saved 2 months payment). Check your monthly payments (or daily/weekly as well) and find out maybe there are some things that can be paid with discount yearly (or monthly)- parking, gym, insurance, TV, vendor costs, folowups and so one. Just check how much money you save up-> make a goal for that how will you use saved amount.
    4. If you are addicted to new dresses, and you buy new on each event you go, you have three options.  One of them is: smarter to rent a dress and give it back, second way: buy used one, and third way: buy new dress and sell it after (first and third will save you space on your wardrobe)
    5. jumbo pack+ better priceBuy big bottles, big boxes, big pack, duo, or trio packs of shampoo, powders, dishwashers, cleaners and all other stuff you use daily or monthly, as their prices are much competitive (just here you should think and count how much you need for instance for half a year or a year, otherwise you will load your place with too many things.
    6. if you need new TV, cell phone and whatever else- don’t buy the newest model, but the one before ( if the newest is not significantly better than oldest) as for instance, when Samsung S8 was released, S7 became much cheaper, when a new edition of a book was released, the older one was sold at a discount (but changes were so small, the older version of the book still has great value.
    7. Make all what you are able, by yourself. For example,  if you are good at something-better to make it yourself than buy it (if you have time, and wish). You can cook and not go to restaurants (or at least try to reduce it by half), you can prepare something for your baby by yourself (handmade)- here you will get a double value if it is made by you, it has more value and you get a sort of meditation for yourself.
    8. Reduce your monthly subscriptions – do you really use them and as much as you spend on them? nettflix, spotify, subscription on any education platforms, book clubs and so on.  Do you really use them, or it is just nice to have them? Or even more, you have them historically and don’t even remember that you pay for that (as payment is done authomatically).  We just stopped contract with local cable provider bacause usually we watch movies online, and I do not see  the reason why should we keep the cable provider with their 80 channels, which is switched on  once-two times per week and even that is just background noise.
    9. PAY BILLS ON TIME – this will save you a lot, as you won’t pay penalties!
    10. Make a research to find the most competitive cell phone line provider, TV provider, sport gym service provider (sure- if you have a possibility to change it and if you have several to choose from);
    11. BUY winter stuff (clothes, shoes) in spring and summer when it is on sale.  If you plan carefully, it can save up you huge amounts of money. I am that way with stuff for my kids which costs crazy amounts if you  pay full price.  However, just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you should buy too much just because it is sale!


Above written tips are not tricks- if you try them and think true them, I am sure, you will be able to find a lot similar ways to save.

be smart

To use those saving tips, you have to change your mindset.

Yes, on some point you need to pay more for now, but you will get it back later, if you put numbers on paper or excel, you will be surprised how much money this will save you. We suddenly were surprised, when we made a records.

And you know? Sometimes it doesn’t mean you have more money in the end 🙂 you can spend it more on things you really want to, which are making you happy (for instance, I am happy to have 3 strollers for my kids (not only one for any occasion) and I paid for 2 of them, to sell one another :D. Important is to get for the same money more

  • we saved money in pampers for a month, by buying super mega packs, and had a great dinner in restaurant for free (we considered it as for free)
  • already 5 years me and my husband pay only fee for visit to dentist
  • We pay approximately 20 EUR for powders, and use them approximately half a yea
  • We bought milk formula for our kids, instead of bying 1 box for 36 EUR, we bought a box online and with delivery cost, we got one box for 26 EUR.

These are just some of examples, but I can find many of them. Money needs to be spent, but needs to be spent in a smart way. Only then money has maximum value.

Hope you found this interesting.

If you have any questions or comments, I will be glad to receive your comments below.


6 thoughts on “Smartest ways to save money is reduce expenses”

  1. Wow, you have opened my eyes up to some things I’ve never even thought of. I was always told the best way to save money was to not spend it. But really that’s not possible. Anyway, great article I’m going to implement some of what you said here to my life and see if it has a positive effect on my bank account.

    1. Hi Frank, thank you for your comment. simply or usual ways of savings you will be able to find in internet more than enough, but those are tips which maybe not show you real saving in the beggining, but they will deffinately give you it in some time. yes, not possible to not spend. need to spend, as some things need to be payd, but some things making you happy (and it is necessary-you need to be happy) good luck and i will be happy if those tips will help you.

  2. Saving money is the hardest thing to do for me right now. It’s like every time I turn around bill hee fee here credit card this and that. Like its literally like as soon as I get paid I’m giving it all away and left with crumbs to get by.

    I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck so to speak. Hopefully, these tips can help me out.

    1. Hi James. thank you for your comment. it shoudnt be hard (but i understand you complitaly, when I started to get my finances to be controlled, it seemed impossible), it should be on the level on mindset.
      saving money need to have purpose, this is one, you cant save if your spend is not planned this is two, you cant save if your expenses are increasing incomes this is third. these tips can help you not really save, but change mainset, to get bigger freedom in finansial point. good luck on implementing them in your life.

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