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Setting your goals 2018- mama’s way

DID YOU SET YOUR 2018 GOALS already?

Setting goals, making a vision of the year, where I see my self and so on. Isn’t it annoying already? Should I do it or not? Why should I do it, or why I should not?

Here is my view on that.


Sad to say that, but I am not a goal oriented person at all, all the time I needed to set a goal during the studies, at work, or in some communities -> this was a waste of time for me. Why should I do again this stupid thing? What is the reason for that? I hated to do that, and I never did it in serious way. Because I never saw a value from that.

Since I am in maternity leave, -I am happy to not do that (since 2015 I am not participating in works performance appraisal, so I skip this offal thing for me, and I am really happy for that. Even more, I thought that mums don’t need a goal, mums just do what they have to do).

But you know -end of last year, I started to understand that my life does not have any direction- I am just swimming on a stream. What is good for some time-it is easy, you don’t have to thing about anything, you are just doing what have to be done.

Yes, I do understand that I am doing important thing- I am rising my kids, I stay home with them giving them all my time, love and care, I take care about home and cooking, but I started to feel myself useless, I found out that in all my life I miss myself, became depressive.

Instead of sitting on mums forums, read about kids, babies, food and so on only (I used to do that a lot), I started to read more sources about self-improvement, how to roll your life – off course as much I had time (with two little kids on hands), checked Instagram  – there are a lot of  people who  speak about life, vision, education, lifetime self-improvement, and a lot of them wrote about a goal and how important is to set them in my life. And I realized that there could a sense.

learning-self imrovment-way to go uo

Your goals is a vector, a direction where to go. And if the goals are set for personal life and by person, it takes completely different shape. They become important.

setting up goals make you see direction

SO what I am doing, I am giving a change again to that activity, this time seriously and carefully making them.


To simplify- it is something we want to achieve:

  • save money for trip, for first house installment, for a new computer, furniture and so on
  • be better husband/wife (need to be specified on what exactly);
  • lost 5, 10 kg or 20 kg of my weight
  • somewhere we want to get (get married, get pregnant, ),
  • where we want to be
  • where we don’t want to be anymore.

Is that sounds simply? but it is not! it the goal is not set precisely, if the goal is set not for me, but pushed by someone else, it is unattainable.

don't waste your time and set up a goal

Think of each goal and make it as precise you can (if my speak about losing a weight- put exact number, if you want save money- exactly how much, and for what, if you decided to find a husband-put the points what the candidate must be- be as critical you can). Remember that your goal must be reachable. I can’t dream to save amount which corresponds of 50 % of my income, while my expenses are close to 80%, also don’t set a goal which is a miracle ( unfortunately we are not in fairy tale.

Samuel Clara

Yes, goals must be ambitious, they have to be real.

You need to have possibility to measure goal achievement. For me, this goes on one hand with precisely defined-if it is, it is also measurable (goal “start to write blog” -done or not done, lost 10 kg, save $1000 for a trip),

Goal need to be important. And important to YOU. Not to your mum, husband, or boss, otherwise it will be hard to find motivation for that. For instance, I need to save 10 % of my regular income to close my loan by end of year, to buy computer, to go for vocation, or I want to start write my blog, as I always dreamed about that (one of millions of my dreams), and some dreams need become true. In case goals, you set up are important to you, it is simply to set up them.

Goals need to have time have to put my goals for day, month, half a year, year or more.

All above mentioned is nothing else as boring S.M.A.R. T analyze (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time based).




–  my plan was set up 10 goals.

– I end up with 7 so far, and when I started to overthink too much, I stopped.

– All my goals for 2018 are mine personal goals- they are important to me, my life, some are for my family.

What can I say? You know, this time it drove my life. I have a vision, I have a direction on my life. I wake up in the morning with bigger purpose than a having breakfast, go out with kids, clean up after them and feed them.  My kids and my home life is still there, and some goals are related to them as it is part of my awesome life, but I did something also for my self.

Go ahead dear! set your goals now,

  1. write them on a paper;
  2. put them on a visible place (next to kitchen table where you sit every morning with a coffee, or next to mirror, to see them every time you look on your self,
  3. put a visualization in front of each (this I still get how to manage, but point is that visualization is making miracles. You get what you want, and you want what you can imagine (or you get it on way you imagine)
  4. constantly review them and look where they get you
  5. if goal is not moving closer to you- check it, and maybe you need to change it, what if this is not relevant to you anymore? not actual anymore=> then we are changing it.

Mums also need goals! and even more they need a personal goals and direction where to move. This will definitely help you find right way to move, to have motivation.

Now just go one. You can do it, you can set up goals and make your life better with them.

be better.motivate your self

If you have any comments, or questions, I will love to get them bellow

Smile and be easy


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