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Phil&Teds Sport v5 double- probably the best double stroller

When it comes to have two babies with small age difference, you start to think also about necessarily to have double stroller, or tandem stroller, which is great solution to go out with two babies, if one is just nearly started run on his own feet and another is infant. In the market are huge amount of double and tandem strollers. You just need to choose what is important to you, to choose right one. This story is about Phil and Teds Sport v5 double stroller.

Our story – Decision #1

We have two boys with 1,9 year difference. Already before our little one was born, our oldest one- Robert, was walking, and I was putting him to stroller only because it was easier for me, and we made a small walk till play ground, where he played before nap.  Then, he started to tell that he doesn’t want to sit in stroller more and more. All changed, when Timur was born and we started to go out (my luck was that my husband was able to be with us in the beginning) with both boys (Timur on stroller, Robert not), and Robert started to ask us to put him to stroller, that it is his stroller and so on. So question about do we need double stroller or not, disappeared. We decided that WE NEED it.phil&teds double stroller

Already before Timur was born, I checked some reviews (OK..many reviews) and tried some strollers in shops and went even to check some which were sold used. Also, I checked with companies, who sell used ones for availability.

I already knew it will be Phil and Teds. So I checked is there anything to be offered as used, but there was nothing on that moment available.

Which model to take – Decision #2

I am not saying that second decision was regarding brand and model. I already knew that if we will buy double stroller, it will be Phil and Teds one. I couldn’t decide between model Dot and Sport.

What Can I say good for DOT comparing with SPORT?

->cheaper. Price for DOT double stroller is starting from £360/ $399 in the moment of writing, for SPORT V5 (there are previous models which could be cheaper) is from £568/ $499.99

-> lighter DOT double weight is 13.4kg / 30lbs, when SPORT model weight is 14kg/ 31lbs

-> New type of tires – this is for those who like all new


WHAT Can I say good for SPORT comparing DOT?stroller hand break system

-> has pockets on sides of canopy – what is very useful for little things like phone and keys

-> has significantly better quality of material

-> Air tires – means better movement in all type of roads

-> It has Hand Break system, which is innovative and very nice to use

SO, we decided to not save on out comfort and quality and ordered Phil&Teds; Sport V5 with double kit.

Decision #3


What we need from additional accessories – all must be purchased separately.

original coffee cup holder

I definitely wanted to have coffee cup holder, because I like to have hot coffee during walk. It is quite expensive, but I wanted to have original Phil&Teds one.

Also, I was thinking about double mesquite cover and rain cover – my decision was that I don’t need them as they are quite expensive. Now I would say, that I had two or three times when I would need them.

Best baby double stroller

Do I need soft Cocoon baby Carrycot? – it is soft shelled carrycot for infant. It can be used till approximately 4 or 5 month age (or till size of 68-70 cm). Its price is $67 what seems quite expensive. But I ordered it anyway, and I am more than happy.

I could easily put my youngest to the place, and when we went back home, I took him out without waking him up and put him to another stroller on balcony or in room with open window, where he continued to sleep (he used to sleep 3-4 hours in the beginning, while my oldest one had 1-1,5 hours long walks outside (he didn’t sleep outside on that time anymore). So for me that was a perfect solution. Also, that carrycot was super useful thing outside home – we took it everywhere and Timur has his own bed all the time with us (as he slept most of the time in the beginning).

After we had used stroller for some time We also ordered canopy for second seat (when our little one started to sit on second seat) as it is not coming into standard complication.

What comes with stroller – what you don’t have to purchase (please double check anyway with your seller) – rain cover for second seat and mosquito-sun cover for second seat (or back). I was surprised, but that was in standard complication added.

Decision #4

Color. Oh I won’t speak a lot of that, as everyone can choose color by their need. I choose black one- I really wanted black one.

There are the following possibilities:

  • black
  • red
  • grey
  • blue
  • green
  • some limited edition colors

In different shops you will see different colors, I didn’t find anywhere all colors represented.

Phil and Teds Sport v5 after 1 year of usage

phil and teds double stroller

In one sentence? I couldn’t survive without that stroller, especially first 5 months of Timur’s life.

I like to have long walks. When my oldest one was in kinder garden I used another stroller, but due to fact that first three months of Timur’s life our oldest one was at home (I didn’t want him to bring different illnesses from kindergarten to me or little one, and honestly didn’t have power tobest double stroller for toddler+infant handle with sick babies or sick me).

So with two babies, double stroller is perfect. So now point by point

The Stroller has high quality material – hard wearing 600D sporty fabric, which is easy to clean, it is very nice and comfortable. Seat inserts are easily removable.

Breaks– this stroller has auto stop handle break. I really like it and it is very easy to use – you have strap on your hand, and if you take hand from stroller hand, stroller will stop. Also, with two babies on stroller, it is super comfortable.

Harness straps   – Stroller comes with 5 point harness straps for main seat and for second seat as well. I can also say, that the system for main seat is great as you can add each of 4 straps separately (they are not connected as in most of the strollers), it is very comfortable to use

“Follow the sun” hood – this is very great thing, ad It protects your baby from sun and wind and looks nice – I use it a lot and change position.

Quality – Stroller looks the same as when I purchased it 1 year ago. All fabrics look the same, all colors didn’t become lighter on sun (I have black one), all metal parts are in great condition, tires are still as new.

Change positions of seats – I didn’t use always Phil&Teds; offer (they have 26 options, as they advertise), but those we used, no problem to change the type, seats.

Usage – holding and un-holding – is super easy holding and upholding stroller and I can say it – I had totally already 5 strollers, and this is super easy.

Would I buy it one more time? – if I would need to decide one more time I would think long time but most likely I would decide to go anyway for this one. As it is super light, measurements are the same as one kid stroller, pushing is not hard (and I am quite small, and other side by side or even those where kids are next to each other, were hard to push, and smooth ride was even impossible for me). I was considering to buy Mountain Buggy duo, as it is super slim side by side stroller, but. I wasn’t sure, that my oldest one will fit in age of 2-3 years as seats of that stroller are quite slim.
Can be used for sport?this stroller has three big wheels, it is stable, and has good air tires amortization, so you can run with it, or skate I don’t see any problems with that (alt rue I didn’t try it).

How it drives on different roads OK here again I can say only great words as this stroller drives smoothly on any road I tested it! and for it is nothing to hard. Sand on beach or wood -> no problem, no road on country side-> no issues, wet grass or snow-> easy. It drives everywhere and it is easy to push it. even with two babies (OK now it becomes bit harder with 10 kg +16 kg babies), but I believe it would be harder if I would need to take one on my hands and push stroller in the same time.

Will it go true my doors?  It is one of the tinniest double stroller I know. Its width is only 59 cm (23 15/64 in) ! YES you heard me right!. and if you have limited storage place for stroller (unfolded), this is perfect one, as it not take a lot of space (our is standing next to the doors)

Is there anything bad for this stroller?  For myself, I would say NO till this moment (boys age 2,9 and 1 year). Robert (oldest one) still want to sit in stroller, but Timur (youngest one) can’t be placed horizontally for sleeping. (before I placed him on front seat, we used to go to the playground with Robert, and then I was able to put Timur on a sleep position (while Robert was playing), now, when Robert really do not fit in the end seat (you can see it is smaller), Timur stay on half sleeping position and somehow he doesn’t succeed to fall a sleep on it.

best double stroller for infant+toddler

– the best advantage of this stroller is that you can use it for two babies – they both are harmed and they are sitting (sleeping) securely. One more great thing is that it takes very small space (if it is important for you)


Usage for Infant + Toddler

This is just perfect stroller for one small one and other, who is already walking. My oldest one was 1,9 years old when we started to use this stroller, and he didn’t sleep already outside, but in this stroller sometimes, he got in a nap and I was considering it as OK (you cant adjust front seat when you have infant sleeping on behind). Infant baby is comfortable sleeping behind, he is totally flat, into cocoon or harmed if you want, I used also Lodger Bunker, and didn’t harm him (from birth till 3 month). One super great thing is that your baby is safe from wind, rain and also from strangers eyes, as very often people even do not imagine that there is a second baby


Usage for toddler+toddlerbest stroller for two toddlers

Since my little one is 1 year old, and oldest one is 2.10 years old, it is already challenge to push that stroller (now is winter, which makes all just harder) and it is logical – 13.5 kg stroller + 10 kg youngest and 16 kg the oldest one.

I can say that still it is must have for my kids stroller, and I still can go out with them at least. Just now both can’t sleep in it. OK little one can, and he does, and oldest one doesn’t need that and all is OK. But in case your oldest one still wants to sleep – you won’t be able to put stroller on sleeping position. But I don’t see problem, that kids have naps on that position, as it is not chair – it is more comfortable. And also in car seat they are not in horizontal position. So it is up to you.


Usage for one

best phil and teds baby stroller

I love to use this stroller only for our youngest one, or we also used it for our oldest one as stroller for one, when had a walk together with husband (and baby was in infant stroller), and usage is so great, this stroller is big, comfortable, goes perfect, has big canopy, and pushing it is just sweet and nice 🙂 and it seems very light as well (most probably because I do compare with pushing it with two babies inside)


Where to Buy

If you are located in UK, you can buy this wonderful stroller HERE and HERE you can find special offer where you get double seat for free. How cool is that?

If you are  located in US, you can buy it HERE


If you decided to buy double stroller, you have limited space, and you don’t want to have very heavy stroller and in the same time, get possibility to go out with your two kids, Phil and Teds Sport will be great option.

If both of your babies have long naps during the day in stroller, I would say that it is not the best option for you. (if Sleeps only infant, no problem, but if also oldest one, he will sleep on sitting position)

This stroller definitely is worth that money it costs and is great helper for parents.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them bellow this article.


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