My baby needs glasses-it is not end of the World

After ophthalmologist check (which was just a regular checkup which is made for all kids in the age of 1 year, here in Latvia) we found out that our youngest son needs glasses as his vision is +5 on both eyes. I was completely down, felt guilty for that and I thought it is my felt (but in fact, the doctor said, it is not).

Baby ophthalmologist checkup

It was a usual day, and we had an appointment with the ophthalmologist for Timur (our 1-year-old son). I had this also with Robert, and we came calm and just for a thing which „needs to be done”. We had an appointment on one of the best children ophthalmologist, she did well with him, he didn’t cry, I knew the procedure, as had it also with Robert. But this time she was calm, checked something for a long time, after what she said, that unfortunately she already now can say that he has big pluses. I was shocked, as nor me or my husband wears glasses, we have a very good vision and also the Oldest one didn’t have any problems. Then she made more precise checkup, to confirm the result.

end of the world


End of the World The feeling I had been so terrible, I was crying and asking what we did wrong, what was that point where we messed up something, on what doctor said, that it is not our felt and we couldn’t do anything. I was also asking, what I should see (I mean, what are symptoms, of this, what we missed) in fact, she said, we couldn’t recognize that by ourself.

Does My baby boy see well? I told that Timur is not interested in cartoons or TV at all, what was a surprise for me, as all babies seem to be addicted on that (at least on advertising), but he was not interested in that at all. On that she said, that most probably those things are not connected – he simply is not interested in that (and most probably sees pretty well without glasses)

Glasses for baby

choose the right glasses

Next challenge for us was to find a proper glasses for my little boy (his head is small, and he is only 1 year old), I found out that the offer is quite small for frames for babies. We checked several options and shops but didn’t succeed. Many were too big too heavy, some ugly (but I was ready to take them if we won’t find anything else). Then, somehow we found one more optical shop, where lady been so aware of the problem as she has a daughter in glasses as well, she immediately called to a warehouse and next day we got pictures of possible options, and when we chose, she ordered also lenses and other things. After 2 weeks we already got out beautiful (how beautiful they could be) glasses.

Baby is refusing to wear glasses

Of course, he will. Put yourself in his place – you need to wear something that is new, that is not natural – how would you feel? If you think that it is easy to let baby wears glasses, you are wrong. When Kid is bigger, you can explain to him why should he or she wears glasses, or even more, they understand that it helps them. For 1-year-old baby, who hates even hats and hoodies, put on his face glasses was impossible. He was constantly wearing them off. I made a huge work to let them stay for even minute.

How I taught my baby to wear glasses?

It was hard work, took a lot of my energy, time, and

nerves, but now my 1,4-year-old boy is even requesting his glasses, when sees, and don’t take them off for a long time. It didn’t happen in one day or week. Even after 1 month of constant try he still was able to wear his glasses only for 20 minutes maximum (doctor advised to have them on most of the time).



Here is my experience

  • I always put glasses on him after breakfast, when he started his active day – I sit with him, we played, and each time I made his arm busy and when he tried to take glasses off – I tried to put his attention to something else.
  • I did it in the beginning 5 minutes 3-4 times per day, and then when it seemed already easy, we worked for 10 minutes, then 15, 20 and so on.
  • The first month was the hardest (as it is really hard work for a parent), after that he was able to wear his glasses even couple of hours (he took them off of course, but didn’t make a big protest, when we put them back)
  • Put your glasses on (if you do not wear them – buy fake ones) – let your child feel the same.
  • Be constant – every day – no excuses (or try to be – when Timur was sick I didn’t put glasses on)
  • Be positive and make it as something “wow”
  • Would be great if people around would say how good your child is looking
  • Be sure that glasses are clean and clear.

I am sure you will succeed in this process if you will work on that. Now it is 3 month since Timur is wearing glasses and we got impressive progress in last 2-3 weeks when he is even happy to wear glasses. When he sees them, he demands after them. We wear them now most of the time is awake and really hope to see improvement during next checkup in 2 month

baby in glasses


Be proud of your child and as fast you will accept this situation, you will succeed on and your child will accept glasses as well.

#1 be patient – it will be hard, and your baby won’t wear glasses in 1 day (even not in 1 week, and sometimes not in 1 month)

#2 find the way of keeping your baby busy (Lego, games, drawing, play doh, stories, books – anything that keeps him concentrated, and busy)

#3 Be constant – do it every day, several times per day – make it as a work for you

#4 Put glasses for baby only when he is in good mood, not sleepy, not hungry

#5 Perfect if you or someone who is close to your baby wears glasses (in our case that were grandparents only, and we bought fake glasses for us – which we wore)

#6 Love him or her in glasses (I simply adore my baby boy in glasses 🙂 )


Hope I made your day  a bit easier


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