home made body scrub

How easy to make body scrub for your self

Scrubs make our skin feel better, more healthy, and our self feel relaxed. which can be bought in shops, do not scrub well, but if they do, they live my skin dry. It is different if I buy organic one, or luxury brand or which are on oil base – there situation is much better. But thing is, that such a scrub you can make easily at home, by your self, and it will cost you much less. What can be better than savings? Again 🙂

It is nothing new that in many scrubs you are able to buy, as abrasive part is used microplastic parts, which are too small to be captured through existing wastewater treatment processes, and come directly to ocean when they come into fish. And also the understanding that you use microplastic doesn’t make feel better. It is great that more and more companies start to take them out from their products and more and more companies reporting stop using them.

homemade body scrub

Why we need body scrub?

All women like when their skin is soft and smooth as babies skin. But unfortunately when we grow up, it is not happening automatically, we need to do some work on it. Our skin is changing every 21 day, and with scrub, we can make this process easier, but not change natural process.


skin care at homeSecond point – scrub help to circulate blood into skin much better – so you get better skin color, and look.

Third point – it helps to get out of cellulite

Fourth point – it makes skin to be more elastic

Fifth point – it helps prevent you from ingrown hair after waxing, shave or epilation.

Six point – it gives you massage effect.

there could be other benefits to use it, but I will stop here.

Hard or soft scrub?

homemade body scrub abrasivesWhen you make a body scrub at home, you can choose how gentle will it be, how soft it will be, and also the smell.

Here will be some ingredient for your scrubs, which are mostly likely found it your kitchen.


Sugar – there are many types of sugar and you can make a very hard scrub from it and also soft. It is very good for your skin

herbal for home made body scrub

Salt – it has antibacterial treatment on your skin, it is also very abrasive and does scrub well

Oat – not only great as healthy nutrition but also super great for your skin-it cleans your skin gently and makes it soft

Coffee – grounded coffee is a perfect ingredient for scrub, as has fantastic quality and works great not only on your skin and body, but also on your brain (aromatherapy). This is also perfect one against cellulite.

Herbal, bark, cones, other natural materials – you can add some aroma using them, but also they have great attributes – for instance chamomile calms your skin, peppermint has antibacterial attribute, as well as some barks. Your skin will only benefit from using them.

What should you use for scrub

I won’t say anything new –

-> you can use any of shower gels you have, just add there any of abrasive things I mentioned above

-> you can use your favorite creme, add to that abrasive things mentioned above, and have great, easy made scrub.

-> you can use something you have on your fridge – creme, yogurt, coconut creme, I believe you can use your fantasy

herbals for home made body scrub


-> you can use oil, add there abrasive ingredients, and have great scrub.


-> you can add essential oils to make aroma nicer


-> you can use spices (cinnamon, paper, clove) to increase health effect or aroma (but you must know what you put, reason to do that and also quantity as for instance paper and cinnamon are great against cellulite (combining with sugar and grounded coffee) but not over put it (quantity must be really little)

-> you can use honey – as it is perfect in homemade cosmetics and SPA as it is natural antibiotic, regenerator, smother and has many other good characteristics.

To be honest, you can make a perfect skin care product from many things found in your kitchen.

Home made scrub

I am making my own scrubs already more than 10 years. Why? Because if it simply, healthy, cheap and fun. I have mixed a lot of different ingredients, and never failed. I prepare scrubs for face and body, add different essential oils, mix abrasive ingredients, but what I always do- I put salt as it has antibacterial effect, and somehow I like to have it in my homemade products.

Don’t not put water as with water you also need to use conservant, and I don’t want to do that.

Usually make a little amount of scrub, not more than 300-400 grams (7-10 oz), to use it fast and make fresh one again ( it takes like 10 min maximum to make it). Here is my usual recipe, but I make also different ones (this is last times the most used one and my favorite)

Coffee-cinnamon scrub for body

how to make body scrub

after usage your skin will be soft, hydrated (you definitely won’t need to use creme or lotion after shower), it works well against cellulite (especially if you will add citrus essential oils), and it is hard (you feel that your body is scrubbed well)

Can you imagine the aroma? Did you ever tried to drink coffee with cinnamon? How was your mood after?

what will you need: oil (I use coconut (my favorite), grape oil, almond oil, but you can try any oil you have at home for the beginning), sugar (I used regular sugar, but then started to mix it with brown bio sugar), salt (I really like sea or Himalaya salt), cinnamon spice, yarn where to put finished product and store it.

How to make: easy – put together all dry ingredients (sugar, salt and coffee), if you use coconut or any other hard oil, put it on hot water swim, if you have oil which is liquid already, no specific preparation needed, add an oil to your dry ingredients – not too much – I add the similar amount of dry ingredients (later I add additional oil amount to prepared product if I want, but it is not a must), in the end add cinnamon spice and any essential oils you like

coffee cinnamon in homemade body scrub
I really love coffee+cinnamon smell, it makes me feel better and relaxed, and in fact, one Armenian lady told me that it is considered as “aroma of love and happiness” so if you like that aroma, you can benefit to use this scrub as it helps to geed better (Don’t feel better, and when had bad mood, taking a batch with this scrub, helped me a lot)


relax at homeMums are busy people, and it is hard to find time for SPA, for your self, but you definitely should have something special for your self. How about SPA at your bathroom? I am sure you are able to find a possibility that husband or your mum sits with babies, or simply – you can use time when your kid or kids are already sleeping (I know, I know- they can suddenly wake up – but you should risk and try to spend that time with you (FOR YOU).

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