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How to be a perfect parent?

When our kids come into our life, we want to give them all the best, we worry do we do things right, want to become a perfect parent and worry if do not succeed on that. One thing I want to share with you – there is no such a thing as the perfect parent doesn’t exist! or, other words saying – you already are the best parent for Your child. But below I will share with you my little things, what I found for my self, how to be the best in my eyes and how to act the best in their eyes.

I will remember, that I have two boys who are now nearly three years and 1,3 year old.

# Be calm

Stress kills everything. Your kids feel Your feelings from the first day. If you are nervous, Your baby will be nervous as well, if you don’t like yogurt, Your kid most probably won’t like it either, if you are mad, Your kid could be angry too. So be calm with Your kids, sleep well (as much it is possible), eat well (don’t be nervous because you are hungry), get some anti-stress things or get relaxed in the evening, when Your kids sleep (and this is much more important than clean hour house and make it perfect)

be relaxed and calm parent

# Be interested in things Your children do

Listen Your children when they speak, follow their reaction, when Your baby is small, listen its cry, look on reaction – they can show very much their feelings and needs, when they grow up, they start to show emotions and needs even more clear you just need to see it, listen to them, watch them and know that does it mean.

perfect parent

When they speak, listen to them. Eye contact is very important to Your kids, they need to see that you listen. Do not sit with Your phone only. If you put Your attention to Your phone, instead Your kid, Your kid will learn that it is right reaction, won’t demand interest anymore and will do the same in the same situation.

Even more, You are the parent for Your kids, and you can know them better than anyone else and this is why you are the perfect parent for Your children.

# Spend time with Your children

This point is crossing with previous. As much time you spend with Your kid, as much you understand him, and as much time you spend with Your kid, the more they trust you, and like you.

You can play with them, you can do homework together with them, go out with them and do many other things with them. They are Your children, and they want to spend time with you, and what is more important – they need it.

A newborn baby needs to feel mum and dad, as it is critical for their development. Oldest one feel their self much better, self-confident if they feel that they belong to parents. Our son feels him much calmer when he is with us.

Being with your children as much as they need, will help them to grow independent and self-confident adult.

# Make rituals for Your kids

When Your kids know what is coming after what, they most likely do that, they are more calm, as they know what to expect, and they do it in a natural way. Of course, here can come out also “I don’t want to”, but that is another sorry.

When you wake up Your kids in the same time, they wake up easier, when you put them into bed, in the same time, they easier fall asleep, evening routine is important to them from the first day.

perfect parenting-repeat the same thingsFor instance, for both our boys we had batch time 3- minutes before bed, each evening at the same time. Also, now, they go to sleep better if they have batch (we do not put them into batch each evening now, but we try to do it often as we see the result of that).  Another example, if you go out with Your kids every day in the same time, then go back in, wash hands and put them into sleep, they do it naturally (yes, that’s right, my kids do not eat before day nap (it was their decision not mine)). Sometimes, when we are late and come back home in the time when Robert need to be in bed already, he becomes stressful, and coming home want just go to bed and fall asleep immediately.

If you read your kids before sleep, do it every evening, and you will see, they will need it and it will be your tradition.

Yes, it can be hard to have such a routine, but it makes Your life much easier.

# Be there when they need you

Children are growing up, and they must act independently, they need to learn to play independently and their kinds (in the kindergarten, playgrounds and so on), but they must know that when they will need, you will be there. You will play with them, you will hug them, they will be able to be with you (you will put Your things on the side, when Your kid will need that). Baby needs to feel that he is not alone.

perfect parent-be close to your child when he needs it

When baby cry, you need to calm him (you can let him calm himself, but it is not working, you need to calm him, and baby is more happy if he knows, that he is needed to you, that he is not left alone).

Your kid needs to feel that he has you, that he was back, that he has support (even when he does act alone). Kiss your kids, hug them, make them feel important.

perfect parent-be there where you are needed

# Be a good example

Our children are looking at us, they are copying us and our behavior, that’s why the best way to teach them, show on Your example. Show reaction, which you want to see from them, teach them with Your example, the way things need to be done.

perfect parent -be a good example

For instance, if you want Your kid to eat only in the kitchen, do the same, if you want to teach Your kid to wash their hands before a meal, do it as well. If you want them to clean their room, show them the same.perfect parent - be a good example

Don’t be on a side. Do things together with your children – play with them, show them life, show them fun and joy to life.


The best thing you can do to be a perfect parent, is spent time with Your children, listen to them, and show them how to act in different situations. You are the first teacher for Your kids and the biggest authority as well.

Was it interesting for you? What is your best practice being a good parent? Leave it in comment

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2 thoughts on “How to be a perfect parent?”

  1. Hi Lana,

    thank you so much for this beautiful article. I honestly enjoyed reading it. Being a Stay At Home Dad and blogging about it myself, I found so many parallels to my own understanding of being a perfect parent. How great is that?

    One thing I would like to add to your list is: Be honest with your kids and NEVER lie! It’s something I thought a lot about recently; and also wrote an article about.

    All the best,

    1. Hi Chris,

      thank you for your comment, and I do agree with your point regarding being honest. I didn’t add it to the post as our family try to be honest always, just I never think about white lie bad thing, but we just started to take it serious and and not use them as well. Your article is awesome. thank you.

      Take care, Lana.

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