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First Baby Food-where and how to start?

Breastfeeding or Milk formula is great food for your baby, and also it is perfect for parents, as no need to think much. With breastfeeding is more than simply – when baby needs, then you give, and you don’t have to worry about quantity, temperature and preparation time. Also, with milk formula is easy – every 3 hours, recommended amount of it. But baby grows up and you need to start to think about “normal human food” where and with what to start I will share with you below.

first baby food

I am not a pediatrist, but I did have a lot of lessons here locally with the latest researches, and also I have two great boys, who I started to feed based on that what is below, and it worked great for both (there were some differences, but just because of new things based on the latest information I got, and also my boys were completely different from eating habits)

When start to give something additionally to my baby

There are a lot of different meanings when, but in general, if everything is OK, you can start to give your baby “normal” food starting from 6 month age if you breastfeed and starting from 4 months if you use milk formula. It is in general, and it is that you will find in a lot of sources.

There are possible differences – but it is negotiated with your pediatrist, and there should be special conditions for that.

OK, what next? I will share how I did that.

What to start with?

Again – different countries have different recommendations and vision about what to start with.

My experience – start with vegetables. Why? there is a thinking that if you will start with sweet fruits, your baby will refuse to eat vegetables. Maybe yes, maybe not. I decided do not check.

first baby food
I was advised to start to give already something at 4,5-5 month (like a snack), but due to the fact my baby boy was ill I didn’t want to stress his body and didn’t give anything except breastfeeding till 6 months. Exactly at the age of 6 months, I offered him pumpkin (but he refused to eat it), then I offered him cukini, what he eats super fast.

Any plan for how to start?

There are a lot of ways, pieces of advice found on the internet how to start feeding your baby. I would recommend again listen to your heart. Of course, listen to your pediatrist, norms, and advice, but don’t be blind – if something doesn’t seem good – change it.

first baby food

• If your baby is not eating something, offer it to him 3 times. If still, he is refusing it – stop! change it to another food.

• Start to offer your baby something except milk formula or breastfeed as a snack (part of a teaspoon, sometimes teaspoon) early (from 4-5 month simply)

• From six month try to replace one breastfeed/milk formula feeding in a day – start with 2 spoons, next day 3-4 spoons, day after 5-6 spoons, if baby wants more, I would give also more (but not in the first 3 days)

• In the beginning, give your baby one vegetable or fruit in the same time (do not make a mix yet – leave them for later), in this case, you will find out what your baby like and don’t like, and what is he reacting for (allergies)

• Give the same vegetable for 1 week, then start to substitute part of it with new vegetable (for instance, I gave my baby cukini for a week, then started to substitute 1/5 with pumpkin (find your perfect way to teach your baby to eat new thing to not overload your baby), next day 1/4, then 1/3 and 1/2 and then pure pumpkin (why? to let him find out that it is good as well), next week, I added broccoli to pumpkin (just I didn’t make so big graduation. Mixed with 1/4 broccoli, then 1/2 and then gave him for some days just broccoli), next for us was sweet potato. 🙂

• The first month I gave only 1 feeding – other still were breastfeeds

• after 1 month I started to give him baby porridge for the evening before sleep (in the beginning it was at 8-9 in the evening (as well in the beginning 2-3 spoons and then increased quantity)

• on the third month, I started to offer him fruits (third feeding per day was between dinner and lunch (before sleep)), berries, cottage cheese, some smoothies and so on.

• on 4th month I implemented also morning porridge.

• at the age of 10 months, both my boys were eating 4 “human” feedings per day.

• At the age of 9 months I also started to add meat to vegetables (very carefully and checked how do they split it)


Even if the baby starts to eat the same as an adult one (vegetables, fruits, porridge) he is still a small baby, with a very sensitive stomach and you need to know some things.

what to avoid on baby food
• Do not use spices, salt, sugar and other things for baby food (it is not needed for baby, and baby doesn’t have ferments to split it)

• Do not use cow milk

• Do not use HONEY til the age of 2 (somewhere even recommend not give it to your baby until 3 years)

• DO not feed him from your plate (if it is not cucumber, apple or something like that) – I mean babies stomach is not ready for stake hamburgest and other junk foods, even for home made meat or fish babies stomach is not ready.

• Not known original of food. Try to get organic food, without pesticides, buy the best for your baby, try to do it also for all your family

When did I start to make meals for the baby?

I gave my boys to try 4-6 different vegetables and fruits before I started to make a mix.

This was done with purpose, as with that I could see if my baby has any reaction on current food (If you will start with mixes you won’t be able to find out what exactly your baby not like.Baby first food

Both my boys really liked mixes which contain pumpkin and also all kind of beads. Both love banana, and here you have huge space for improvisation as banana is mixable with all fruits and berries, as well it is used as the sweetener.


When you have at least plan what to start with, and you try, all other will go smooth. You need to be sure, that you give your baby the best and in the right time, this will let you avoid allergic reactions, problems with stomach and will save your nerve.

And remember to listen your heart! Don’t listen anyone else. You know that is the best for your little one.

Look up on your reaction! If you do not eat something, and want to give it to your baby – follow to your reaction as baby feels your emotions, and could catch them and if you don’t like for instance cukini, your baby could not like it as well.

baby first food

Let me know in a comment, was it useful for you or not


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