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Best Baby Products for sleeping -what should you know about

When it comes to speak about infant sleep, there are a lot of questions, and even more meanings, that’s why you shouldn’t take only one as the right one. Go through all of them, and find what fits for you and your baby.

Where should your baby sleep?

Newborn baby should sleep with his mother – it’s only one of the meanings. There is a meaning that for the first three months a baby can be considered as the 4th trimester which means, that baby should be 24 hours close to his mother. Opposite meaning is that baby shouldn’t sleep with his mother as it is dangerous for baby.

Both of my boys more or less slept with us. Even more, I was afraid to take the oldest one to bed and leave him there, but my husband insisted on that (usually in the morning). In the beginning after night breastfeeding, I put Robert back in his bed, but starting from the age of 3 months when he started to wake up several times per night, I was just too tired to put him to bed each time. Timur was sleeping with us from the very beginning.  Both boys were asleep in their bed until first feeding. There was a period when we couldn’t put Timur in his bed – I made him sleep on my hands, tried to put him into bed, and he woke up with scream, but he didn’t scream if we placed him between us and just started to talk. (it was approximately 3 weeks like that and then again he started to sleep in his bed)

Anyway baby should have his own bed

Cot, side bed or regular baby bed? – This is up to you. Nests or cots are great until the age of 3-5 months, after that it is not safe. If you want to save money on this – buy  just a regular bed for your baby (as other ones are nice to have, not the mast). Side bed is a great solution for parents who want their baby to sleep with them, but afraid to put him in their bed. With side bed it is easy to be close to your baby, breastfeed him without taking him out of bed, easy to put out and in.

Only negative is that usage of such bed is quite short – only until age of 6 months maximum. You can also put regular baby bed next to your bed and take out one side. Will work the same, it just takes a longer time.

Baby nest – do I need it? I would say no if we speak about regular ones and usual ones. But you can have it for day sleeps for instance. Completely different story is about  Red Castle cocoonababy nest. I used similar one for both babies, and it is perfect.  Yes, it is expensive, but it’s worth the money as it positions how your baby is sleeping is ergonomically.  It is easier if your baby is fighting with colic, also it helps baby adapt better to this life as it is comfortable for him in natural way. But I used it for day naps only.  My sister’s second son was sleeping in it day and night, until the age of 5 months (he was born 3 weeks before due day, and it is specially recommended for babies who were born before time) and it was hard to teach him sleep without it, and she reports that he didn’t have colic. Advantage of this nest:

  • Improve the quality and length of sleep.
  • Reduce waking with a start or Moro reflex.
  • Limit reflux problems.
  • Minimize the risk of flat head.
  • Encourage baby’s balance development.


Baby Mattress and how to choose it?

When my oldest one was born, it was recommended to have as hard mattress, as possible – that’s why we chose latex-cocoss mattress. When I was expecting my youngest, it was recommended that in fact porolon mattress is the best, due to its air permeability, but it is soft. As I was already a mum with experience, it was most important to me to have a hard mattress to support a newborn’s backbone. It needs to be covered with natural material.

Items for Baby sleep -what you need, what is nice to have and what you don’t need

Does newborn need a duvet? It is up to you. We had duvets, but started to use it only approximately on age of 1.6 years (Youngest still sleeps without it).

Instead of duvet from first day we used swaddle blanket – this is something amazing, and lets your baby sleep more calm and longer (although it didn’t work with my youngest, as he woke up every 2 hours anyway).  Newborn baby often wakes himself up with arms. If you use swaddle me, you help your baby feel tightly as in mums stomach, that’s why he sleeps much better.  One remark – it can be used only until age of 3-4 months, and if your baby is sleeping on back (do not use it if he is sleeping on side)

Benefits from using swaddles (resource is here):

  • Eases the transition from the womb
  • Decreases irritability while promoting self-soothing
  • Encourages calming to increase bonding
  • Enhances quality of sleep to improve rest and cycle regulation
  • Reduces waking suddenly due to the Moro reflex or spontaneous arousal
  • Helps to maintain supine position
  • Preterm infants show improved neuromuscular development, less physiological distress, better motor organization, and more self-regulation abilities

Those benefits are especially for The Ollie swaddle, which I can say are super great item, with a sweet story behind, just check reviews here, and you will understand why I am so impressed :

  • Patented moisture-wicking threads interwoven into the fabric reduce the risk of overheating
  • Velcro helps keep the Ollie secure and allows fit to be individualized meeting the need and size of each baby – even as they grow
  • Diaper changes made accessible via opening at the bottom – no need to un-swaddle
  • One-size means our swaddling blanket grows with your little one and eases transitional stages

If you don’t want to pay so much for Ollie, here is one of the alternative options. Also here you will find 4pacs of great swaddle blankets made from cotton, which can also be used later as a regular blanket. This is great value.

When my babies were grown up from swaddles, I started to use sleeping bags, and my youngest son still sleeps in it (he is 1 year old). Why it is better than use a duvet? Safety – it is more safe as sleeping bag, if it is chosen by right size (there is more than one), won’t cover babies face. Easy to use – you don’t need to worry that your baby will be cold. I prefer to have made from organic cotton.

Does newborn baby need a pillow? No baby doesn’t need pillow until the age of 1-1.5 years old.

Does my baby need bumpers in bed? Here again are many meanings. One says that it is dangerous and air is not going to get through them to your baby, and baby can go too close to them with his face, from other point it protects your baby arms, legs from hurts.

My personal meaning and experience is the following – I always had them from the beginning, but we didn’t use them for both of the boys, till age of 10 months approximately. Why? Just didn’t see any need to use it before.  At the age of 10 months, they both were standing in bed, falling down, during the night they moved, and arm or leg could easily get stuck between the bed slats, also dummy all the time fell, and we needed to look for it under bed. That’s why we placed bumpers in bed.

Does my baby need sweet and nice toys? –absolutely not as they are potentially dangerous, they accumulate dust, and simply until the age of 6 months or even longer, they won’t need such toy.


In the market you can find so many items for your baby, and many of them are so great, some of them are not so great, some of them are just marketing tricks. Young parents usually buy everything it seems they will need and find out that part of those things, they will never use.  Even more, they could use something for first baby, and it it absolutely does not work for the next one. You never know what your baby will accept and what will be useful for you in each particular situation. I have some things which I used for the oldest one and they didn’t work for the youngest one, and also opposite.

But there are absolutely things in market not needed, which is advertised as must have – pillow for newborn is one of those things.

Anyway, be prepared that not all things you prepare for your baby, will you use, and you will need to buy something additionally (what you considered as not necessary – we had this with cocoonababy nest – we didn’t want to spend money on that, and when Robert was 3 weeks old, and was in huge colic pain, we tried everything – and it worked the best).

I don’t think that I mentioned all items which are available in market, but if I didn’t most probably you don”t need it.

Will be happy for comments and questions


2 thoughts on “Best Baby Products for sleeping -what should you know about”

  1. Every baby is different and every baby has different needs. I find it interesting how different 2 children can be even if they’re both the same gender.
    I haven’t used many of your products. We had a playpen for both our sons, so they have never slept with us until they were pretty much a year and even then rarely. Although our 2.5 year old loves to come in our bed during the night but luckily he doesn’t do that very often.
    I love swaddle blankets. I’ve used them for both our sons and they are just my favorite thing!

    1. I agree that every baby is different. and swaddle blankets are definitely great product to use in very beggining.

      thank you for your comment.

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