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Baby Pacifier holder is not only practical thing

Do you think a baby pacifier holder is needed for a baby? Most probably not, but it will definitely be a useful thing for their parents.


It is a tragedy when you can’t find your baby dummy

Dummy or pacifier is something that can make a baby feel better; it can calm him and with a pacifier he can fall asleep faster and much easier.  I do not say that it will be so for all babies, as some babies won’t accept a pacifier at all.  But my babies didn’t accept it either, but we purposefully teached them to take it as it helped us as parents. It is also easy for the baby – as he always has his own anti-stressor and calmer.

How often does a dummy get lost?

How hard is it for babies and for parents? One of the solutions could be to have a pacifier holder, which can be clipped (but it is not obligatory) to the car seat or stroller’s strap or baby clothes. This will prevent it from getting lost.

Pacifier holder has not only practical value

Pacifier holder or dummy holder is not just a holder with clip. It can be a nice accessory, which can be personalized with baby’s name, or other cute word, also it can be used as a toy (2in1-pacifier holder and soft toy), it can be made with different shapes to help the babies fingers develop fine motor skills.

You could see different kind of pacifier holders and some babies could have even several. You can match the color with car seat, stroller, or the most us

ed baby outfit, or you can order it for special dress or outfit (for instance using it for bairthday party).

Pacifier holders can be made:

  • it can be soft toy, likeBooginHeadDr. Brown’s or WubbaNub 
  • it can be crocheted or knitted totally – or it
    can be a combination of both – for instance crocheted and wooden beads
  • from plastic – it will be light, with bright colors, usually with beads or a chain, size and shapes can be different, you can also see little plastic toys as a parts of pacifier holder – plastic is plastic – you need to decide whether to give it to your child or not, especially because baby may take it to his mouth.
  • made from wood beads – this can be more organic, closer to  nature, kid friendly (if they are not colored, or colored with special baby friendly colors), I prefer them to not be colored.
  • it can be fabric strap or tape for instance BooginHead PaciGrip Pacifier Holder – easy to use, good-looking, and quite cheap, it can be printed or embroidered with baby’s name  on it can be made from silicon beads (they are baby friendly, and are good for baby teeth)
  • also, it can be made from mixed beads – wooden, silicone and crocheted ones
  • it can be made from any different material – for instance from leather (from anything what is durable and non-toxic).

Pacifier holders can be:

  • personalized with the baby’s name or any other nice word the parent chooses
  • it can be obtained with exact colors which are choosen by parents, beads can be in different shapes (cubes, hearts, ovals and other)
  • it can be as a soft toy, or knitted toy.


You can buy them in shops or from hand makers. You can also order the exact design you want or choose from existing ones.

Safety is the must, not “nice to have”

save your baby

When you use the pacifier holder for the baby there are  no compromises on safety allowed. When you choose it, you must know that there are several rules, based on which particular pacifier holder can be considered as safe.

Below I marked some of the most important points

1) Length of it – it can’t exceed 8 21/32 in ( 22 cm) (without clip)

2) It needs to be durable and strong – it needs to be able to hold even 10 kg weight without breaking and changing form;

3) Pacifier holder parts shouldn’t change outside look – the color shoudn’t come off, if you throw it or step on it, it should not break. If it breaks, it is not safe – just imagine, if your baby threw it and the broken parts got in his mouth.

4) Need to be very careful with pacifier holder small parts – even beads and clip are considered as small parts. They must be properly added, and there can’t be glue used on them – as the baby will most likely put it in his mouth.  Ideally, after each bead there is hitch, which secures the strap.  For instance, if it breaks, in this case the beads will not fall on all sides.

I prefer not see very small parts of my baby pacifier holder.


Also, I would suggest not use it during the night sleep (it’s just not needed), it is safe to use it when you see your baby; the dummy holder is not a toy for a baby.

Even if your baby plays with it, make sure that you do not leave your baby with it alone.

It is your choice where to buy it, but you must be informed about safety. Please check it with a buyer or hand maker.

Hope that this article helped you to become more educated on your choice.

If you have anything to add or question, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.



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