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10 gift ideas for 1 year old baby birthday

To find a perfect gift for 1 year old kid can become real challenge.

First of all, most probably 1 year old kid will have already huge amounts of toys, and if you will come with another car, teddy bear or baby rattle, most probably kid won’t be impressed.

One more thing, what makes all process bit harder, that most probably you will need to impress baby parents, as obviously, baby doesn’t understand jet that it’s present for birthday – for him it is just a thing, but parents will evaluate you (most probably).

Best Gifts for 1 year old baby

1 Year old interests

Lets talk a bit, what kind of baby is 1 year old kid? What they like and what they can?

They are moving a lot;

Probably they are already standing or even walking;

Probably 1 year old kid likes’ to throw and catch balls (and not only)

Probably 1 year old baby likes’ to build something

Probably 1 year old baby would start to learn and is interested to drive

Probably 1 year old baby will be interested on watching a books

Probably 1 year old baby will like sounds, stories, colors, different shapes, and sizes


10 best gifts for 1 year old baby

I would like to share the best gifts which our little 1 year old boy got. All those toys are suitable also for girls.

1) Montessori busy box – I would not say that this toy is dedicated for 1 year old, but as Tim has his older brother, they together were playing a lot with that – we have one with different beads (colors and sizes are different). Other Montessori toys – I personally love them. They are great, and kids love them. And we like to play them as well. It is great to develop fine motoric skills, its great to find out colors and also different beads sizes. One bad thing – if I can say that, to play with that parents will need to sit with a baby as there are a huge amounts of small parts, but I am doing the same when give my boys floaters or pencils, or when they are playing with plasteline (it is some kind of “valuable ” times with them)

2) Balance bike – this is acceptable only on places when you don’t have mountains, otherwise it is very dangerous even for older kids (but it can be option for inside home) – there are little ones which already on age of 1 are interested on such thing (we kept this present for later, and will start to teach Tim to drive with that in summer (in age of 1,5years), but there are also several ones which can be used very early – like Bunzi Balance Trainer, Scoot Around,  and there are several more represented in market, on which in the beginning it is 3 wheels bike and then when baby is growing bigger, is transferred to 2 wheels.


Best Gifts for 1 year old baby LEGO

Lego and other building constructors, also soft cubes, IGLU cubes, wooden constructors – the little ones start to understand that they can make something bigger from little things (little parts) and they enjoy to work on that. Separate process what is interesting for baby, is to disassemble what they (or probably older brothers and sister or parents) made.

Best Gift for 1 year old baby4) Music instruments – mini synthesizer, mini drums and so on. Again, little 1 year old ones like to investigate new sounds and new things. Here also goes different toys with part of piano or drums or other instruments. We have several of them, and my little one can spend several times to play with it. I found interesting this one for instance Lil’ Symphony Band in a Box or the same brand Piano

baby book5) Books – different kind of baby books, there can be books also with sounds (for instance, book about animals where is button with different animal sounds, also there are some books available with interesting texture on pages)


6) Balls – there are a hundreds different ways of balls. I am not speaking about simple ball – there is Obal for instance – kids love them, there are developmental balls for babies, Baby Einstein balls and other. My boys have a lot of different kind of balls, and they play with all of them.

7) Car – oh, who doesn’t love cars ? 🙂 Every baby likes’ cars. It is first driving staff for kids and if in the beginning, they don’t get how to drive on it (my oldest one got one for his 1st birthday, but he started to drive on it approximately at 1.5year age, youngest instead, is driving already since age of 11 months – and he is still not even walking (he is 1 year old).

8) Shape sorters – there are a lot of them as well represented on market, this one is just one example. The point is that baby need to take a shape and put it on right hole. Tim is learning this now. There can be variations with sounds and lights ( but it can be also just box with different shape hols and figures)


Bath toy_best gift for 1 year old baby

9) Batch toys – if baby likes’ to take a batch this could be great toy for him or her. They already start to spend time in batch – it is not just a way to get clean – it is fun, they play and like to spend time in batch -so they need some attributes to make it more funny.


10) There are different puls or push toys if baby is not walking jet, it won’t be needed immediately – but it definitely will. We have some, and all them are well-used. Baby is leading to push or to pull, this is interesting that the move is influenced by him. This is my favorite.


OTHER THINGS, what could be great and valuable present

If you are sure that baby won’t be interested of anything mentioned above, or you are NOT sure what baby (and parents) will like, win-win present always is  money or gift card. With that parents will be able to buy what they need, or put this money as a part of something big  what baby needs ( car sit, new stroller, new bed, clothes and other stuff, which most probably you won’t be able to give as they could be quite expensive).Best Gift_Money

If you know size of baby you can buy clothes, shoes or accessories (hats, caps, bags gloves and more)

Accessories for baby room are also an option.

You can give them gift for photo session which will give family opportunity to get fantastic and visible memories of this or any other day.


First Birthday is so special for baby and his parents, and also for you, if you know what exactly is Best Gift for 1 year old babyneeded for baby, your present will be perfect.

I advise also work on wrapping as well, as 1 year old baby could be more happy to unpack gift, than the gift itself.





I wish you to find the best present and make this day special for the little one

If you have any comments or thoughts, please leave a comment bellow


2 thoughts on “10 gift ideas for 1 year old baby birthday”

  1. There’s some great ideas here. As my daughter just turned 1 last month I should know. She definitely likes blocks and cars as well.

    I would like to make a suggestion. You could always ask the parents what they would suggest you to buy. After all you don’t want to double up on the same present.

    Also, when we were asked what we wanted for our daughter we said wipes and nappies. I know it’s not exciting but she has a lot of toys. It helps being the second born, lol.

    1. Hi Owain, thanks for stopping by. great suggestion you made. and regarding wipes and nappies – this is perfect. if you have all you need, those will be always usefull 🙂 and will save your money.
      Actually, when out first Boy was born, some people came to the babyshower with such a present and it was great 😀

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